YOU are a founder or founder-to-be &

have no clue how and where to start?

YOU recently started and don’t know how to translate all the information by your ecosystem? 

YOU are running a business and feel lost in space of organizing and leading your teams? 


As a long-term sparring partner, GNL Ventures accompanies YOU on your entrepreneurial journey from building to continuously designing your successful teams and company.


Together we will answer the following questions:

What are your motives & what does success actually mean for you?

What are your values & how are they reflected in your business?

What is your purpose & what does your company contribute?

Do you really want to become a founder & what are your expectations?

Which attributes & competences do you need in your founder-role?

What does it mean to become a founder & which roles does it include?

Which problems does your company & your products and services solve? 

What value does your company create for your customer? 

What are your brand values, competences, vision and personality? 

How does your business model look like & how do you generate revenue streams? 

Who are your customers & how do you build relationships?

How does your market look like & how do you position yourself? 

How does your organizational- and team structure look like? 

How do you set and manage your processes and operations? 

How do you build motivated teams & deal with daily leadership challenges? 

Sparring Partner for Mindset

Sparring Partner for Tools & Actions

Instead of simply teaching YOU tools and methods, we guide YOU through your entrepeneurial journey while focussing on YOU and your individual story!


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