You are looking for a long-term Sparring partner alongside your entrepreneurial journey?

You are looking for like-minded founders and a real community?

We offer our long-term equity-based Sparring services and access to a growing network of young founders (YFC).

YOU want to learn more about the important elements of our MBTA philosophy & YOU would like to work intensively to improve your understanding?

We offer you a new perspective in the following categories:

Mindset ( 6 elements )

Tools & Actions ( 9 elements )

You have enough from theory and boring lectures?

You are looking for hands-on applying in creative work-sessions?

We offer individual workshops alongside our MBTA-journey  that enable you and your team to make the next step in your personal journey.  

You want to learn about specific aspects of our MBTA-program?

You want to learn remote and from home?

We offer regular online webinars alongside our integrative MBTA-journey using our Zoom-channel and multiple tools.

You want to get impulses about founding & running companies from scratch?

You want to listen to interesting hands-on-stories from 18+ years of pragmatic “try-error”-founding?

We offer inspiring & individual talks for your audience.  

You want to go deeper with regard to personality and personal development?

You want to learn from 15+ years experience of founding?

We offer individual mentoring sessions for your personal questions & development. 

YOU need more detailed information to start your individual journey?


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